Hi, we are Susie and Andrew. With our kids well on their way to independence we have a little more ‘us’ time on our hands than we used to. Taking advantage of this opportunity we made a promise to ourselves to escape the city whenever we get the chance, to explore new destinations, revisit some favourite places and have new adventures.

We both love to get away from everything, waking in the morning to birdsong instead of cars. Cooking on a camp fire, colours of sunset, walking in the bush. Photography is also a passion we would like to spend more time on.

After the disappointments of 2020 we have bought ourselves a little hybrid caravan/camper van to call home while we explore this wonderful country. This site is my online diary, an opportunity for me to record some of the things we see and do. My long suffering husband is just an innocent bystander in this project, but one I can hopefully bribe into lending a hand with some of the logistics. I doubt you will see his face in many of the photos but you can guarantee he has had a hand in any of the camp fire cooking.

Feel free to have a read, you should find some interesting information, nice photos and maybe even be mildly entertained. I have done my best to make sure all information is accurate and apologise in advance if I have got anything wrong. My hope is that these pages might inspire you to get out and get travelling. The world is big, life is short, get out, escape and explore!



Jen is my little sister. And she can be blamed for filling this blog with walks along The Great North Walk. As the whole world was turned upside down by COVID and all our holiday plans were being cancelled, she was the one that decided to tackle the iconic walk from Sydney to Newcastle – one bit at a time. An avid walker, with the The Great Wall of China and Peru under her belt, all her plans for hiking in Europe unravelled before her eyes. Sydney to Newcastle may not compare with the Swiss Alps but it was a goal to keep her focused when options were limited. I have missed a few of the GNW section, and Sydneys lockdown meant that the whole walk wasn’t achieved in 2021, but plans are there to be changed and we will keep knocking bits off as we get the chance. I hope you enjoy reading about our exploration of the NSW bush.