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Fitzroy Island Walks
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Fitzroy Island Walks

Something for everyone

by Susie Baber  |  22 February 2023

There are four walking tracks on Fitzroy island. Two short easy walks start just south of the resort near Foxy’s Bar, Nudey Beach and The Secret Garden.

Nudey Beach Walk | 1.2km return

This walk is an absolute must for all visitors to Fitzroy Island, Nudey Beach was named best beach in Australia in 2018 and it is easy to see why. Famous for its pristine white coral shore and turquoise water against a backdrop of vivid green rainforest, it is the perfect place to spend a few hours relaxing and snorkelling. A paved track starts near Foxy’s Bar and winds through rainforest and coastal woodlands, gradually opening up to glimpses of giant granite boulders and stunning blue water. The track is an easy 20 minute walk but does have some stairs and the occasional boulder to be negotiated. You will need thongs to walk on the beach as the coral is quite uncomfortable on the feet and don’t forget your swimmers and towel because you are not going to want to leave in a hurry.

Secret Garden Walk | 1km return

Also starting from Foxy’s but heading east into the rainforest, a short walk along a rocky track follows the creek up into lush jungle and around huge granite boulders. There are interpretive signs that provide an insight into the rainforest animals and plants, and at the end a viewing platform where you can rest and immerse yourself the rainforest atmosphere. About 40 mins return.

If you are after something more challenging head north from the resort. Walks to the lighthouse and the islands highest point require a reasonable level of fitness and offer some fantastic views.

Fitzroy Summit Walk | 4km loop

The walk to the summit has options. It can be done as a return walk or a loop, either clockwise or anti clockwise. You can combine it with a side trip to the lighthouse or save that for another day. But whatever you choose the 360° views from the top are worth the effort.

We chose to do a loop (always my preference) and started from just behind the campground. This end of the track is steeper and includes a long series of stone steps up the side of the mountain behind the resort. As you climb, the rainforest gradually transforms to woodland and open heath with some lovely outlooks over the island and the resort below. Along the track there are remnants of the Islands history, if you are a history buff and want to know more there is a booklet with details available online or at the resort.

When you reach the summit (269m) you will find a timber platform perched atop slabs of granite with magnificent views of the surrounding reef and mainland. The day we did the Summit Walk was overcast with a few spits of rain. We didn’t let the weather dampen our spirits though and the stormy clouds added to the expansive ocean vista.

Once you have had your fill of the view head back down through windswept casuarina trees. The boulder-strewn track descends for 600m through woodland to the lighthouse road. From here you can make the side trip to the lighthouse, or turn left and head down the concrete road for 1.2km to the resort. The Lighthouse Road is very steep in places and can be slippery in the wet. This is not an easy walk but is very rewarding, you should allow about 2.5 hours and take plenty of water.

Lighthouse walk | 3.6km return

From the northern end of the resort, past the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre a very steep service road climbs through rainforest towards the lighthouse. This was initially a dirt track created by the military during the war, after decades of wreaking havoc on the islands vehicles it was concreted by the lighthouse keepers in 1955.

After a long and steady climb you will pass the track to the summit on your right. Follow the road further north past remnants of the No.28 Radar Station and the lightkeepers cottages. Sitting on a point on the windy north side of the island, the lighthouse is in poor condition, but area around it offers spectacular views of the ocean and Green Island.

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