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Dunns Swamp Walks
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Dunns Swamp Walks

Something for everyone

by Susie Baber  |  14 June 2021

There are walks to keep everyone happy at Dunns Swamp, from an easy flat 500m to the more challenging Pagoda Lookout.

Campsite Rocks Walk

This is an easy and short walk (approx. 500m circuit) around the rocks of the campsite area. I did it early in the morning and the light on the rocks and the river were beautiful. There is a lot of signposted information which exlains the history, both natural and man made, of the area. You can learn about the local Aboriginal people, the Wiradjuri, who lived in the area for more than 12,000 years. You can also see some Aboriginal rock art in the form of hand stencils made from red ochre.

Platypus Point Walk

This is another easy flat walk (approx. 800m) from the campground area to a rocky point level offering great views of the river. It is great for birdwatchers as the reeds along the banks of the river and the surrounding bush are home to many species of birds. The path is well defined but watch out for tree roots and rocks underfoot.

Pagoda Lookout

This walk was my favourite and takes you to the top of the rock pagodas with stunning 360 degree views over the river and valleys. It is only from this vantage point that you can appreciate the way the river meanders through the landscape.

Getting to the top is a difficult climb with lots of scrambling up the steep rocks. The path is not well defined or signposted but with a bit of looking can be found. The views over the Wollemi National Park are your reward when you reach the top. The rock formations are stunning, from the Triassic period, and definitely worth the effort. Be careful at top as the cliff edges are very steep and it is a long way down! This walk is approx. 1.8 km return to the camping area.

Weir Walk and Long Cave Circuit

This walk is classified as moderate as there are steep steps in several places. This track takes you from the camping area past Platypus Point and the turn off to Pagoda Lookout, right along the edge of the waterway with beautiful views of the river and the surrounding mountains. As the river turns north toward the weir, the track begins to climb up stairs and rocks for a short while before levelling out along the top of the cliffs. Kandos Weir is an impressive structure and was built to supply water to the Kandos cement factory back in the 1920s. We were told that it is possible to see turtles and even platypus near the weir wall but we were not so lucky. If you continue along the track after the weir you will come to the Long Cave, a long rock overhang. The track continues from here to form a circuit and returns you to the main track near where the stairs take you back down to the river’s edge. It is a 4.5km return trip.

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