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Cremorne to Milsons Point
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Cremorne to Milsons Point

Sydney Harbour Part 4

by Susie Baber  |  12 March 2023

Having triumphed over the coastal walk from Palm Beach to Manly, Jen and I have embarked on our next challenge – walking around the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. This is number four in the series – 9.5km from Cremorne to Milsons Point.

Picking up where we left off just over a week ago we parked in Cremorne and took the stairs from Kareela Road down to the foreshore walking path. This walking track extends all the way to the end of Cremorne Point, through Cremorne Reserve, and back up the other side of the peninsula. The path meanders through well-kept gardens down to the bush reserve at the end of the point. On the way back up the west side keep a look out for MacCallum Pool – another one to add to the ocean swimming list (well salt water at least). About 30m long and filled each week with water from the harbour, the pool is public and has no entry fee so can get quite busy in warm weather, particularly on the weekends.

MacCallum Pool

When we run out of reserve we turn left onto Bogota Road, then left in Honda Road and left again into Shellcove Road. In keeping with our plan to keep as close to the water whenever it doesn’t involve backtracking, we detoured down Gundemaine Avenue but quite frankly you should probably give it a miss. Shellcove Road meets Kurraba Road which takes you down to the end of Kurraba Point. Yes, this did involve some backtracking, but we hadn’t seen the harbour for a while so we detoured and did a circuit of Kurraba Reserve.

Access to the water’s edge through Mosman and Cremorne is quite limited, and when you do come across a path between the houses, down to a wharf or tiny reserve, they tend to not go anywhere and are VERY steep. We explored a couple of hopeful looking paths but had no luck finding any tracks along the shore. With a lack of harbour views to admire we made do with oohing and aahing at nice houses and pretty gardens.

Back up Kurrraba Road and left into Spains Wharf Road and Wallaringa Avenue, then left into Wycombe Road. At Hayes Street we did another little backtrackable detour in search of toilets and a snack. There is a lovely hidden beach behind the shops at the end of Hayes Street. Down a walkway that you would hardly notice next to number 9, worth the detour.

Hayes Street beach

Continue along Kurraba Road until you reach Anderson Park where there is a ramp down into the park. The path runs across the park to Clark Street where you turn right up the hill. Take the first left and immediately right into Hipwood Street. Turn left in Kiara Street and continue until you hit a locked gate with a pedestrian gate to the left.

For 30 years this area was a torpedo factory, submarine base and gasworks, Submarine Base Platypus. It was closed in 1999 and a few years later was reimagined as a recreation and work hub. When you descend the stairs you find yourself in Oberon Park which has a playground and a bbq/picnic area. Along the waterfront to the right you can walk along infront of the commercial building to the overwater boardwalk that connects this area to Kesterton Park.

At the end of the point admire the view of the harbour and then head up High Street to Stannards Place which is just a narrow laneway between the houses on the left. Where Stannards Place bends to the left there is a walkway on the right that goes to Bradley Avenue, turn left down Bradley Avenue down to Milson Park. Wander across the park to McDougall Street, this is a popular spot in November when the Jacarandas are flowering. The road is often blocked with brides having their photos taken!

Kirribilli is another suburb that is limited for walking on the shoreline, you can get down to the water at Kirribilli Wharf and Lady Gowrie Lookout but other than that you are limited to residential Streets. Turn left at McDougall Street then take Elamang Avenue, Peel Street and Carabella Street. At the end of Carabella Street you can see Admiralty House and Kirribilli House where the our Governor General and Prime Minister reside when they are in town. To the left you can walk down to Lady Gowrie Lookout at the end of Kirribilli Road.

Directly opposite the end of Carabella Street is a walkway through to the end of Waruda Street. Follow Waruda Street to its other end, with flashes of opera house and city views between the apartment blocks. At the end of the street the path goes into Mary Booth Lookout Reserve and continues along the shore to the base of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. (and a huge range of shops and cafés near Milson’s Point train station on Broughton Street)

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