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Great North Walk Progress Report
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Great North Walk Progress Report

This is how far we got

by Susie Baber  |  13 May 2022

Walking the Great North Walk started as a consolation prize during Sydney’s COVID lockdowns. With holiday plans being cancelled left, right and centre my sister and I were looking for something to focus on that would take us away from the everyday. For some reason walking from Sydney to Newcastle in little chuck’s seemed to fit the bill.

The original aim was to complete the 260km trek within a year – 2021. However, lockdowns tightened and the weather plotted against us (so much rain!) and we didn’t quite achieve our goal. However, the walks we did together served as good therapy at a difficult time in our lives, and I like to think that all that time chatting while we walked brought us a little closer together.

Below are links to all the sections of the great north walk that I did with Jen (and a couple with my better half). I missed a few sections on the Central Coast due to other commitments and we are still hoping to pick up where we left off at Cedar Brush Creek.

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